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Biology GCSE / A Level / IB
The first step towards an excellent grade in biology is a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and become disheartened by a subject that is so rich in complex detail. Students can become lost in facts, losing sight of fundamental principles that glue these facts together. At Oxbridge Guru, we teach biology for understanding. We help you to think beyond the confines of your syllabus, and to view the subject with wisdom and perspective. With these new eyes, you will find yourself tackling synoptic and applied questions with great success.
Physics GCSE / A Level / IB
Let us show you how easy physics can be. Solving easy problems is the foundation of physics. The reason “difficult problems” are difficult is usually because you don't understand the basics of the theory behind them - for example, quantum mechanics seems like impenetrable wizardry until you understand how it is derived from more basic physics. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to skip right to the “cool” physics -before acquiring a thorough understanding of where those branches came from in the first place.
Chemistry GCSE / A Level / IB
Success in chemistry is dependent on your level of fluency in its language, a proficiency in maths, and an appreciation that much of chemistry is underpinned by a handful of common themes. Electrostatics, for example can be used to explain both bonding and molecular shape. A strong foundation in these underlying concepts makes progressing quickly in the subject surmountable and realistic, and the more chemistry you do, the more you will grow to love it. 
English GCSE / A Level / IB
All successful students English Literature recognise one thing: that no text exists in a vacuum. All literature is in fact conversation - both conscious and not - on the subjects of form, genre, history, politics, power and personality. We teach you to think globally and act locally, approaching texts with a confidence that is informed by a wealth of literary history and theory, thus demystifying this rich subject and empowering you to succeed.
Maths GCSE / A Level / IB
The key to success in mathematics is to understand the logic and process involved in solving a problem. Maths is a process of sequential steps. Many students have become used to memorising concepts and formulas, and apply these through repetition - neglecting to engage with the material from first principles. For example, why does Pythagoras' Theorem work? We will equip you to understand the concepts behind maths, and once you can see why a formula works, you will be able to remember and apply it to non-standard problems with .
History GCSE / A Level / IB
The study of History demands an intellectual curiosity - a capacity to engage with alternative perspectives. As a discipline it gives and exciting opportunity to look into the past in political, social and economic terms. Our aim is to instil a sense of rigorous enquiry throughout your lessons - learning how to organise and present your ideas in a clear, coherent way. The dynamic of historical study continues to provide a stimulating and thought provoking approch to understanding the past and how it affects our lives in the modern world.