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A note to students, from our head Admissions Coach, Dr Zoe Lundy.

Zoe graduated from Oxford University with an MBioch and DPhil in Clinical Medicine. She is the winner of the Lightweight, Openweight Reserve and Blue Boat women's boat races, National Champion Gold medalist in coxed fours and elite coxed four Henley Women's Regatta finalist.

Dear Students,

You may have already begun to work on your personal statement. This 4000 character piece of writing, and your A level grades, are all that a university has to judge you by (give or take any additional admissions requirements such as the BMAT or UKCAT) when considering your application. If you have not yet begun to think about the content of your statement, then I suggest you begin today. It is your opportunity to present your unique skill set and experiences. It is your platform on which to stand out and be remembered amongst hundreds or thousands of other applicants. How are you going to do it?

If you are under the impression that straight As or A*s are enough to win you a place at the most competitive institutions, then I am sorry to be the one to break this news... it isn't.

While a strong set of GCSE and predicted A level grades are an essential, they are not sufficient to win a place at Oxbridge. Grades do not win university places - people do; and your Personal Statement is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd, to detail your passion and commitment to your chosen course through evidencing practical experience and extra research.

The Personal Statement itself is not easy to write, and most students waste a great deal of time drafting and redrafting because they have received poor guidance. It is difficult to know where to begin, what sort of language to use - talking about how wonderful you are can feel quite awkward! At a time when you should be concentrating on your A levels and preparing for entrance tests, it's vital that the statement is be completed quickly, and to an excellent standard. We have years of experience assisting students in producing personal statements that are well crafted and which reflect the best they have to offer. We provide expert advice and coaching so that you feel supported and confident throughout every step of the process. Oxford and Cambridge are looking for exceptional people, with exceptional characters, not just exceptional results. And we can help you to shine.

Dr Zoe lundy
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Editing,Improvement and Suggestions for an existing personal statement.

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If you do not have a draft personal statement written the our full assistance option will take from inital questionnaire to first draft to final edit.

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