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Applying to Oxbridge? Let the very top educators in the country show you the way...

Grades do not win university places - people do.

This is especially important if you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge, who will interview all of their prospective students. Everyone that is called for interview will have achieved or predicted grades that are good enough. Your grades and statement may indeed earn you an interview, but you must then earn your offer.

This is no time to be a shrinking violet, you have to stand out to impress. The admissions tutors who interview you will work closely with successful candidates throughout their degrees, and they are looking for students who can communicate and express themselves. They will assess whether this is the right course for you, and whether you can cope with its academic demands. The tutors will ask you tricky questions that will test your ability to think laterally, and to extrapolate your knowledge to problem solve - this is our area of expertise.

How can we help?

Right now you may be a ‘rough diamond’ - full of potential, but in need of some shining. We are here to help, and having guided many students through this specific preparation, we understand that it needs to be individualised according to your respective strengths and weaknesses. If you're someone who tends to be shy or more introverted, we will help you to come out of your shell. Our training will teach you the importance of body language, posture and our academic coaching will have you shining with confidence on the day.

Single Session


Great for getting a feel for what Oxbridge interviews will be like.

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  • Mock Oxbridge Style interview

  • Experienced ex-Oxbridge grads

  • Verbal and written feedback

Course of Three


Packages of three interviews give us a chance to assess each performance and give feedback that can be implemented in subsequent sessions

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  • Mock Oxbridge Style interview

  • Experienced ex-Oxbridge grads

  • Verbal and written feedback

  • Apply your feedback to subsequent sessions

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